So today the Mansfield Motor Speedway team, after the recent backlash that we faced after people not fully understanding what exactly it is that we are trying to achieve here, decided to make a post that features one of the favorite dirt races on the newly installed dirt track. This is sort of a peace offering to the people who attacked us, to show that we are also fans of the dirt track at Mansfield. It’s just that we are also fans of asphalt there.

Homage to the new Mansfield Motor Speedway

What you’re seeing in this video down below is the Mansfield Motor Speedway qualifying feature which took place on the new dirt track on April 27th this year. Most of the “Keep Mansfield Speedway The Way It Is” team has actually visited this race, as we visit and enjoy in pretty much every race on the new dirt track.

As we’ve mentioned already, we don’t have anything against having a dirt track on Mansfield. However, we would just like to make our voices heard about asphalt being our track surface of choice. We would like to see if it’s somehow possible to have the best of both world. This race on the video above was awesome. If I recall correctly, it even rained a bit, which made things that much more interesting. Check the video and I hope you enjoy it.