We recently received a very unfriendly email (not the first and certainly not the last) from an individual calling us names and pointing out how we wasting our time trying to get Mansfield Speedway back to asphalt. That’s what prompted us to write this post, just to clarify what our position here is exactly.

Two track Mansfield Speedway – can we have both dirt and asphalt?

First of all let us make it clear that what we’re proposing isn’t a complete shift from the dirt track at the Mansfield Speedway. We are not trying to take away the tradition of having a dirt track at the Mansfield Speedway. What we are suggesting is a compromise of sorts.

Since the audiences who have visited the speedway have been used to seeing a dirt track, what we want to suggest is that we see both an asphalt track and a dirt track. There must be a way for both of them to coexist somehow. It’s something that the owners should take under consideration, but it of course depends on whether or not it’s profitable for them to do so. We can dream and hope, can’t we?