Commenting the “should Mansfield Speedway go back to asphalt” poll

I don’t know if you noticed this or not, you probably did, but while we initially set up the website we added a poll to the sidebar on the right in order to gauge what kind of support does the initiative to bring back asphalt to Mansfield has. That poll is going to be the topic of todays article and the bad news that it brings for this little movement of ours.

Commenting the Mansfield Speedway back to asphalt track poll

So if you are following the website, you’ve undoubtedly seen the poll and maybe even participated in it. Poll we’ve setup to see what are peoples thoughts on Mansfield going back to asphalt, again. It turns out that we the folks of the “Keep The Mansfield Speedway The Way It Is” movement are a minority.

Here’s a screenshot of the poll that I took just now, and even though there’s not a lot of votes, the few people that did participate in the poll have demonstrated with a huge margin, that there’s just not enough interest to keep Mansfield the way it is, or should I say, the way it was from the start of 2000 up until recently. Out of the 60 or so people that have voted, 88% have voted No, that we shouldn’t return Mansfield Speedway to asphalt, while the rest of the folks, whole 12% of votes, have shown support for asphalt to come back once again at Mansfield.

This shows that there is very little chance for the “Keep Mansfield Speedway The Way It Is” to change peoples minds, and get support for our agenda. Many fans of racing on Mansfield Speedway still have fond memories of watching dirt racing from before the 2000s, and they simply overwhelm us who only remember racing on asphalt on the Mansfield Speedway.

Poll results won’t discourage us into submission. We’re still going to be here and we’re going to make our stance on this I guess non-issue, known. I hope that you few souls who are in support of our goals still keep dropping by, and visit the website. We really appreciate any support that we get. Cheers everyone.