If you want to join the “Keep Mansfield Speedway The Way It Is” initiative, or if you just want to get in touch with the people behind the initiative, you can do you using the contact form down below. Recently people seem to be very interested in contacting us so that they can yell and call us names for speaking our opinions. I guess you have the right to do so, but we need to warn you that we are very much aware that what we are proposing here isn’t really that popular of an opinion. We know that we suck, I guess, but we still want the world to know that we exist.

On the other hand if you want to join our little effort, if you are interested in spending time with other people who share your opinion that there is room for an asphalt track at Mansfield Speedway, then you are definitely encouraged to get in touch with us. Send us a message and we will keep you on our list for people to be invited on our next meetup. Yes, we do have meetups occasionally and we would love to see more people come and spend time with the usual 20-30 of us that come to these things. In either case, whatever your reason is, contact form is here to help you get in touch with us. Cheers.

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